Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Frizz Control: The One Thing I've Got on Kate Middleton

She's gorgeous, rich, and famous, with better clothes, better legs, and better prospects than I'll ever have. What's not to envy?    One thing leaps off the page: THE FRIZZ.

Just when we thought every stone of Middleton trivia had been turned, the Solomon Islands photos revealed that <surprise!> Kate's hair is naturally curly AND frizzes badly at the beach.  Indeed, given that she'd brought along a stylist, who presumably refreshed her blowout several times a day, Kate's frizz quotient could be as bad as mine!

Mind you, I'm NOT being catty about Kate.  Au contraire--I love her all the more knowing that we share maddening common ground: frizzy hair.  And while she wears it well, the fact that she hasn't appeared this way before suggests that she prefers more royal restraint in her hair, as do I.

Fortunately, the island photos were taken before Kate's new face-framing layer cut or they might have been a lot worse. While it's a great style on dry land, nothing spoils a look faster than short layers rendered incoherent by humidity.

The surprising thing is, Kate's frizz was so utterly preventable that I'm astonished it happened at all--especially to someone of her stature.  I'm a mere peasant, but I can say for certain that my hair would have behaved itself under the same circumstances--a bold claim for someone with natural frizz/curl worse than Robert Plant's (Led Zeppelin). 
After decades of frizzy, pouffy, revoltingly curly hair, I'm now 95% frizz resistant at the beach (so invite me!) thanks to keratin treatments.  Uncurly keeps my hair under control even when the humidity's out of control.

I hear that Kate's a Kerastase girl, but it wasn't doing enough for her in the tropics--SHE DESERVES BETTER!  Hadn't her stylist heard of keratin treatments?  Maybe I'll send an Uncurly Starter Kit as a belated wedding gift...

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